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We're passionate about developing elegant software solutions, but we also enjoy all the great outdoor activities of the great state of Colorado.
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We Are Index Forward

At Index Forward, we value the satisfaction of a job well done. We enjoy assisting in making other’s ideas become a reality. As an ambitious group who is always seeking a challenge to conquer, we set pretty high expectations for ourselves. If we’re not busy working on a client project or one of our own apps, we are typically hiking, enjoying a beautiful park, playing some old-school D&D, writing about our experiences in the development world, or reading up on the latest worth-while technology trends.

It’s no mistake that our name is the inspiration for our values. Team members of Index Forward are driven to constantly move the needle. Whether that needle is education, proficiency, efficiency, happiness, health, or any of the other many qualities and goals we attune to, we are constantly pushing forward.


Fun. Open-Minded. Responsible. Work-Life-Balance. Ambition. Respect. Diversity.

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