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OpenAPI Specification API design and development for your data sources: PostgreSQL, SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB and more.
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We Craft APIs

We approach API development as an art, which is why we claim to “craft” them. The team at Index Forward has developed technology to interact with your existing database and produce reliable and standard API endpoints. Need something more custom? No problem – we do that, too. Speaking of standard, all the APIs we craft conform to the OpenAPI Specification (OAS). The OAS is a standard that allows humans and computers to understand exactly how an API works based off a single definition document. You can read more about the specification here: OpenAPI Specification

How it Works

If you have a database (or several) and need to be able to safely and securely expose that data to another source over the internet, an API crafted by Index Forward will achieve your goal. The API we build for you will also support the ability to pull data into your database system from other online sources. If you are just getting started and need a database, API, server, or any other pieces to the puzzle, let us know – we can help you understand what you need and then help you create it. Once your API is live, your data can be sent to any internet capable device and you will be able to pull data from other systems at will.
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